About Us

KHALID AL AWAD was established in 2003, by Mr. Khalid Abdur Rahman Al Awad, and were registered with chamber of commerce under C.R. No.2051027978.  KHALID AL AWAD was awarded its first contract in 2003.  KHALID AL AWAD won contracts with major companies. 
We have been involved in construction & maintenance projects like Civil, Mechanical, Piping, And ELECTRICAL & Instrumentation, Painting, Insulation & Welding etc. 
KHALID AL AWAD has been providing professionals, skilled, semi-skilled & labors for executing various projects.    In 2007 KHALID AL AWAD expanded and commenced the following divisions:

  • Contracting
  • Trading
  • Maintenance
  • Manpower
  • Management Consultancy

Ministry of Education has awarded number of college maintenance contracts covering electrical, mechanical and janitorial, where a large number of manpower & equipment was involved. 
Our experienced professional staffs serve with new ideas & skills, to execute various projects.  With our wide range of manpower including skilled, semi-skilled & laborers, we are ready to execute any task successfully, Even when the manpower is supplied to various other establishments & companies, they have the capability of putting themselves into the frame required, thus showing their flexibility & skills in their respected fields.
KHALID AL AWAD management’s first concern & focus is Quality Control, Satisfaction & Safety of personnel & equipments.  Rules, signs, permits & other safeguard are just tools & symbols to perform a job safely & efficiently, we believe, it is the responsibility of the management to create awareness among personals & enforce the standards of loss prevention.